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Sunday, May 27, 2012

New finds...

I 1st want to thank those who have listened, learned, & either understood or are trying to understand what I am going through.  I am amazed at the amount of people that have gone through it at least once in their lives.  For those of you who have, you can understand how awful it is to go through daily.  Thank you for being true friends.  It is because of friends like you, I will get through this.

Today's bath consisted of:
Sorry for the hiatus as I have been going through a lot, but working on making this better.  Hopefully this will be soon.  Of course, my bathing, love for body products and scents has not been on hiatus. B&BW has come out with a lot of new, amazing fragrances.  TBS is expanding their product line though the fragrances are pretty much all the same.  Still always looking for good deals online.

Which comes to my new fun of online window shopping... & sometimes buying.

The site I really have been loving lately is  This site has a lot of eco-friendly items, art, cool design items, jewelry, high end things you probably never would have looked for on your own or have thought of, food, children & pet items (etc.) all at discounted prices.  You can get credits for different things & use them toward future purchases & "socially" shop.  See what other people "like" and are purchasing.  I have it linked up to my Facebook account so others can see what I like there.

This isn't junk.  I have noticed a slight inconsistency w/the prices they say the items are at normal retail rate & what they are offering them at.  Usually by cents to just a few dollars.  So sometimes the deals are worth it, & sometimes not really.  Always do your research.

I've only placed 3 orders through them so far & really, my only complaint is how long it takes to get the item shipped out.  It can take anywhere up to a month for you to get it.  It is shipped via UPS or FedEx (or their White Glove service.)  Shipping cost depends on the amount you are spending, not the size of the product, & there will be tax added on.  Sometimes the companies of the products ship the item directly to you but most of the time they send it directly to & from there they send it off to you.

One item I got from was a bar of Lavender Lemon soap from Meow Meow Tweet, a Brooklyn, NY based, certified organic body products & candle company.  The paper the bar soaps are wrapped in come from 75% post-consumer waste & 25% hemp & other products of theirs use unbleached paper & recycled plastic.  *Follow Meow Meow Tweet on Facebook and also on Twitter.

The only thing I was disappointed in was the fact the lavender was so overpowering.  I was really hoping for the lemon to stand out because when you put those 2 scents together it can be amazing.  That doesn't make it a bad soap though.  I always say a good bar of soap is one that you can feel stick to your skin & these usually are the bars that are oil based.  This one does & the lavender buds give a light exfoliation.  Even though the bar itself has a strong lavender scent, it doesn't leave an extreme scent of it on the skin, which is nice.

So I like it a lot and I would love to try their other soaps and products.  Maybe someday in the future.