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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's about time.

I would totally be posting this from my phone now if it were not for the fact there is ONE LINK I want to post for everyone.  Which I will do in a bit.

So sorry for the long delay.  I am surprised I am even on here right now.  I have been doing as little concentrating as possible.  The most people have probably seen of me are random silly tweets, stupid Facebook updates, games & shares, and every now and then an instagram photo. (Yes I FINALLY got rid of my flip phone & have a smartphone!  No more "press 3x to get the letter C.")

Also right now I am probably the sickest I have ever been. *fever-wise  Clocked at 101.8 on Sunday night & have been fluxing from 96-100 since.  Just to share some of my health history, I do not get fevers.  I could have the worst internal infection ever, or illness that everyone else in the world would get a fever from & I will not get one.  I got my flu shot also!  I thought it was the flu.  Sure feels like it to me but the doc advised I have a bad virus & sinus infection.  I'm off work all week which sucks because I really need the $, but every time I open my mouth to talk I end up coughing uncontrollably for a good minute.

So I forgot for a minute why I wanted to post this... then I remembered!  I wanted to talk about eBay for a bit.  I both love and hate eBay for a multitude of reasons.  Now, when you are into bath products, like I am (duh), you could possibly be taking a gamble with the homemade products you are getting.  You may think that feedback speaks for itself, but if you have skin conditions or allergies you REALLY need to be careful.  Ask questions about their products about their ingredients & how long have they been making their items for.  I got a sugar scrub once that was made from regular granular sugar that I could buy in my supermarket bulk.  You can tell when you get these things. (At least I can.)  Smelled fantastic & my skin can handle it, but someone else may have a bad reaction to the sugar, or maybe the oils used in it.  Because who knows, maybe they just used cheap canola oil & scented it.  It's buyer beware out there.  So usually when I try new things & end up really liking it, I stick with it, & if I end up with a dud I won't touch it again.

I would love to have a soap shop of my own!  I'd wholesale stuff I have tested & liked, maybe experiment & start making my own bath products  & have bath product making classes.  Maybe someday.

So today I had:
Jody, who makes the bath bombs, does a fantastic job.  These bombs aren't for everyone as they do make the baths rather oily & some people don't like that.  I don't mind it at all & kind of like it.  Also the soap drizzles on some of the bombs can oddly float around in the tub after the actual product dissolves but I always kind of make a game out of it to find them in the tub & then dissolve them myself with my hands.  I love how the scents linger & she makes them in a fun way, colors, scents, etc.

So upon bidding on almost every one she had up for bid since I didn't have any left of the ones I got from her before, I won 2 that she credited for me after winning due to the fact that they broke before shipment.  Which was kind of her.  So here comes my small rant.  Those people that complain about getting bath bombs broken in shipment.  Now her's broke before shipping but I really would not have cared if I got one even 1/2 crushed.  She packages them well enough so they wouldn't get all over if broken.  Plus, you are going to get the same scent & experience, except in a fizzy powder.  But I KNOW the people out there where I have seen the feedback of the complaining of how OMG 1 bomb broke in shipment & it's the end of the world.  The last 2 years during my holiday shipment when I ordered from Lush UK & 1/3 of my bombs came crushed I only complained about those that were not individually packaged & had pretty much dissolved into unsalvageable powder amongst the packing peanuts.   They knew where the order was going.  There's always that risk when ordering bath bombs in the mail.  So if you get 1 or 2 out of many crushed but it's packaged so it is still all there, be glad you got it at all.  It's still fine to use & your bath will be just as pleasurable as a non-broken bath bomb.  Trust me.

The other day I used a Trick-Or-Treat bath bomb she made with Lush's Glögg (which is available via Lush NA but not UK) & they worked amazingly together.  Perfect punch of spice between the 2!  She's got a ton up for bid (including a few philosophy items starting at a good price) so check it out! (The link to her sale is what I wanted to post.  There it is.  Here it is again.)

So I hope this fever will not kill me & I'll feel up to posting more bathing rants soon.

Take care & happy bathing!

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  1. It's good to have you back to blogging, Blades! :)