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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oatmeal isn't just for breakfast anymore!

The skin.  It's your largest organ protecting your insides, & yet it causes all sorts of problems.

I remember when I was reading up on bathing salts I came across a blog or an opinion site.  Not sure what it was exactly and I'm almost wishing I bookmarked it because what I read on it was quite ridiculous.  The person was going off on how your skin is waterproof & there's no proof or way that thing like epsom or Dead Sea salts could possibly help someone.  It went on & on.  Obviously the person was educated enough to use a computer but it seems like they may have never taken a science class in their entire life.

If that were the case, we would never sweat, our fingers wouldn't prune when in the bath, we would have no allergic reactions that would cause hives & could roll around in poison ivy all day & be fine.  Lotions wouldn't help, & people with skin conditions would never get any relief.

Our skin absorbs & releases.  Unfortunately, my loving of a nice hot bubble bath could cause havoc on my skin more so now with the dry weather season on its way (I am already being shocked around the house!) so, when taking a bath, if not using oils, I like to usually add some colloidal oatmeal w/the bubble bath.

Don't add it to an oil bath!  It's a mess!

Rite Aid, has their own oatmeal bath treatment in prepackaged packets.  One per bath works well.  Aveeno also makes their own soothing bath treatment but the drug store brands I have found to be the same.  Don't waste the extra few $.  Instead buy some of their other products that the drug stores don't mimic. :)  Take a packet, mix it in with your bubble bath you want to use & enjoy! people like having brand name though.  It's your choice.  Just make sure you pat dry & moisturize after or your skin may become like tree bark this winter!

My overall health is still a roller coaster as I am having a hard time getting rid of this cough.  Can't seem to talk w/out hacking & then choking & then comes the asthma.  I would LOVE to have a eucalyptus bath right now though I don't really have any products that are just that.  Most also contain mint & I'm not really feeling the mint right now.  Think I need to search out some new products on eBay.

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