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Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's the most wonderful time...

For LUSH shopping.  By the end of the month I will have put in my annual order for Lush goodness which will include some gifties for my girls.  So, for the love of Lush my bath included tonight a Fizzbanger bath ballistic from Lush, Pink Clover soap from HawkMoon Soaps, and my Hair Biscuit from One Bath & Body.

I love Lush products, the company, the messages they give & what they do for the earth, people, just all around good causes.  Alas, I cannot afford a huge order from the NA site, USA or Canadian.  Upon years of ordering from them, one year I decided I wanted to place my order through their UK site, mostly considering they had more products listed & items not available on the NA site.  Not only was I getting awesome products but the exchange is SO much better!  Even with shipping!  I have noticed that the NA & UK sites are getting to be more similar but I have saved hundreds (YES HUNDREDS) of dollars by ordering from overseas.  The exchange can be around $1-3 for soaps, melts, ballistics & up to $7 for liquid lotions, shampoos, & shower gels!

Every year, just in case, I start 2 orders on each of the sites for the same products, or those similar if not available, then tally up the costs including shipping & then calculate the exchange.  Last year I saved around $200.  Mind you, I am placing orders around $400+ USD.

The only problem with ordering from the UK is the ballistics & rarely other things like the bubble bars.  Because they are so environmentally friendly, they do not use a lot of packing materials, & so I usually receive broken items.  Usually even the broken ones are salvageable though & I can use them, but I have received some pulverized before.  The company is very good at replacing items that come as a lost cause.  Last year, I received many broken ones but I could still use them so I didn't complain.  The year before they shipped my overseas order in popcorn & it was a huge mess between the popcorn & the broken ballistics in the package & I had to have many items replaced.  Always take pictures if there is a problem also!


My cough is much better.  I do not like the way the word cough looks.  Or the way it sounds.  It's a strange word.  I should put it in my list of words I dislike.  This includes other words like moist, and discrepancy.  But anyway, I am feeling much better on that part, & thanks to my new pulmonologist.

I am probably one of the few people here that is getting anxious for it to finally start snowing!  We missed out on the big east coast storm, which is fine as I don't like dealing with messes.  I am still getting calls from people who are telling me their power just got restored.  I think the south towns may get some tonight, but they've already had some.  I am north of the city of Buffalo & haven't seen any yet, but there is a possibility we may have some tonight or tomorrow.  I need to keep my eyes open!  I cannot wait!  I always love the 1st snow, the blanket of white on the holidays, & then after New Years I want it to go away & can't wait for summer.

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