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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Daily bath October 6, 2011, Sweeps, & why I LOVE The Body Shop.

Yankee Candle actually posted about this or I never would have noticed it.  There's a lot of really neat & different things that are being given away & it's not junk like some other sites.  The YC Perfect Pillar giveaway is what caught my eye & this ends October 12th.  So, if you blog & are reading this, there's a lot of ways to get entries for a lot of different things.  I think I even saw something for some soaps that ends later I will need to check out.  I will most likely be using my twitter account to update more on available sweepstakes because I don't want this blog overloaded w/them.  I'm not all that hot on using twitter yet anyway.  I've been blogging for years but it has been more of a personal blog.

I smell like a cafe. 

Now.  I said how I am bored w/The Body Shop.  How I went in on my birthday, I'm just not excited with their products.  I want to see more bathing items like salts, oils, bubble baths.  How I am bored to death w/pumpkin scents this time of season & that's what they picked to win.  Well, I write.  And I wrote about how I do love their company but I am getting bored with them on their Facebook page.

I've only ever really had a problem with the company once when I had bad customer service over the phone.  It really turned out to be my error but I wasn't made aware of that because the woman on the phone never even brought it to my attention.  It had to do with my Love Your Body points on their website, what I was seeing, wasn't matching what she was seeing.  She was focusing on that & not the actual problem I was having.  So I complained on Facebook about it.

They are always on the ball on their Facebook page.  Always replying to people.  Asking questions, seeing how they can make things better.  Now in the situation I previously had, they sent me an e-mail right away, I sent them my contact info, they called me, explained what the other agent didn't & as soon as I realized I was in the wrong & all apologetic, they were still trying to do whatever they could to make me happy.  In this post I made to them about being bored with their products they asked if I had submitted something for the contest (which I think I didn't) but was curious what I would have submitted & advised of a new scent for the holiday that will be coming out, besides the normal vanilla & cranberry.  They are very interactive & I praised them for that but told them to still work on more bathing type products.  They need to stop focusing on the body butters, lotions & shower gels.

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