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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Daily bath October 5, 2011 & disappointment in The Body Shop.

Just a F.Y.I. the pictures I use on my sites are either picture of the products I own, taken by myself, or pictures directly from the URL sites of the manufactures.  So that's why I link directly to the product.  All the other photos are mine, like the plants, insects, etc.  So if I find they are being used by anyone else w/out permission, for sale, or w/out credit...  expect trouble because I have an awesome attorney.


Anyhoo.  Today I received an e-mail from TBS & they were having a contest to have a consumer come up with a new scent for a body wash of theirs & it was about their winner.  Awesome.  Now, leave it up to the general public to decide & be brainwashed into what it's going to be, or what their marketing department think what will sell the most this time of year.  Let us see as it was down to 3 scents, espresso, rhubarb, & pumpkin.  I'll give you ONE guess which one won.  The pumpkin.  Ugh.  Yes, I KNOW it's October but you are a huge company & everyone in the world is doing this scent right now & I'll be honest I think the only reason they did it was for marketing because of the time of year.  I have enough pumpkin stuff going back last year, maybe even the year before so I'm not even going to go back to even see what I think of it.  If it was one of the other 2, I probably would have, especially the rhubarb.

Like I posted the other day, I'm getting bored with them.  I go into their store, it's all body butters, lotions, soaps, body washes, same products but different scents but not by much.  I'd really like to see more bath products, salts, bubble baths, bath oils, oil beads.  I'm really hoping they expand their holiday line this year also & not keep it all the same cranberry, vanilla, orange & plum crap they seem to recycle through year after year.  Ok, I did really love the orange line they released last year but some of the products in it were limited or hard to get.


So the last few days I have been using the Cinnamon Buns in the bath more for the scent, like I had noted before, Philosophy products really don't bubble well.  They might do better if you have a jet tub.  I have been mixing it up w/these Korres shower gels that I got last year for the Betties.  They came in a pack of 3 & I have a bit left of each.  The 1 I listed above & then also Honey Spice (honey cookies & roasted pecans), & Sugar Glazed Clementine (candied clementine & star aniseed).  I think my favorite is the clementine but they are all amazing, & natural but they do contain sodium laureth sulfate.

Products w/SLS or SLES tend to dry out my skin a little more so I usually use lotions after.  Autumn is kind of hit & miss if I want to or not, winter I usually do all the time because of where I live.  Cold, dry, snow!!


To end, here is a moth I saw the other day.

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