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Monday, October 3, 2011

Daily bath October 3, 2011 & ramblings

The awesome thing about bath oil beads is the have an insanely long shelf life (if they are made by a good company).  I'll be honest that TBS has been kind of boring me with their products lately.  I went in ON my birthday so I could get my free $10 on my Love Your Body card plus some other things.  Chris really likes their exfoliating skin towel (& they are much better than the drug store ones.  There really IS a difference.) so I got him one of those.  I got the berry Natural Lip Roll-On.  Still don't know how I feel about it yet.

The bath oil beads were something TBS came out with years ago & they came in a small plastic box of about 20 with 4 different scents.  These weren't normal scents either like something you would find by the checkout at Ulta.  I can't remember any of them except the grape seed one but they all smell fantastic!  I had purchased about 2 boxes & have them all in a small container now so I can't really decipher which is which so I just pulled out 2 today & threw them in the bath & it was wonderful.

Before that I had a few consistent baths of:
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream bubble bath also used as shampoo from Philosophy.
  • Lay It On Thick shea foaming bath from Bath & Body Works.
  • Mint Cookie Milkshake (in set only) body wash from Philosophy.

I guess there is some underground water leak somewhere in the area & they had to shut the water off this morning very early.  So when I came home I didn't really think about it, used the rest room & when I went to flush I was like, "Oh poo."  Ha!  Not much later the water was working again as I could hear the pipes clanking so I ran the water a bit from the faucets & flushed the toilet..

Unfortunately, the toilet started backing up & it seemed more dark, almost black.  Oh how sometimes I wish I was still renting for free inside maintenance!  Thank goodness my father is such a handyman.  Of course when he came around, whatever was backing up was done & over with & a flush cleared it all up.

This underground leak is not fixed though.  Tomorrow will be more of the same.  Ugh.

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