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Monday, September 26, 2011

Daily bath September 26, 2011 & a review.

So this is another steal I picked up at my local Target the other day that was 1/2 off original price of $5.99.  I have always wanted to try One products because of what I have read about them being a very eco-friendly brand, but never really knew anyone else who had tried their products.  Also being a bit skeptical about the price & the fact they were being sold at this mass merchandiser, I just held off.

If you actually go to their site you'll notice a huge difference in the way the product looks there compared to what I obtained in my package.  I personally don't care but there's either a possibility I have an old product, or their marketing needs to get consistent.  The packaging is recyclable & the plastic that the fizzer is wrapped in is noted to be 100% biodegradable per the top of the packaging!  Awesome!  What's really great about this also is once you remove the wrapping, it's made to have the 2 pieces so you do not have to split it yourself & you can use it for 2 baths.  Another plus!

I decided to use the bottom 1/2 only.  Really not much of a "fizzer" & it pretty much sunk to the bottom like a rock & just kind of fizzled a bit.  I got kind of annoyed so I ended up crushing it after a bit & mixed it around in the water until it dissolved.  It was still extremely delightful, the honey & floral scent, moisturizing oils.  1/2 was definitely enough.

I would say I would buy this particular product of theirs again, regardless of the fizzing or not, even at full price.  Unlike Lush bath ballistics where you could be paying up to $7 for 1, they're a bitch to cut into halves, and usually 1/2 of theirs just doesn't cut it on a bath. (I still love Lush!)  Just keeping it real.  I did also buy a shampoo bar of theirs that I haven't tried yet & this experience had opened up the door to wanting me to try more of their products!

Check them out if you can! 
One Bath & Body can also be found on Facebook.

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